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Why Fleets Are Switching to Renewable Diesel

  • Post published:July 10, 2024

In a carbon-conscious world, keeping up with renewable fuel requirements has become critical. In the Pacific Northwest, using renewable fuels can make the difference in securing a contract, reaching corporate environmental goals, or simply operating where city policies require renewables.

Renewable diesel (R99 or RD) is emerging as the best choice for businesses with fleets, and our environment, as it delivers a reduction in carbon emissions, meets all renewable fuel policies, and enhances vehicle performance.

Christensen, Inc. proudly leads this pivotal fuel initiative, providing renewable diesel and fueling services to businesses in Washington and Oregon, including Titan Freight Systems and United Shippers.

Performance and Lower Carbon Emissions Make Renewable Diesel an Easy Choice

Renewable Diesel Vs. Biodiesel

Renewable diesel is a type of biofuel, but it differs from conventional biodiesel (like B5, which is a blend of 5% biodiesel and 95% petroleum diesel) in production and chemical composition. Renewable diesel undergoes a sophisticated hydrotreating process that removes impurities and aromatics. Unlike biofuels, R99 users do not experience gelling or biofilm buildup in vehicle systems or storage tanks.

Renewable Diesel Vs. Petroleum Diesel

The hydrogenation process of R99 results in a premium-quality, clean-burning fuel that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions—by up to 80% compared to petroleum diesel, as verified by studies from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This refining process also makes R99 chemically similar to petroleum diesel, which means it can be used interchangeably in diesel engines without any modifications.

Compared to petroleum diesel, R99 has been shown to improve the cleanliness of DEF systems, decreasing maintenance costs. Career drivers and customers who encounter your vehicles during idling periods also notice and appreciate the lack of diesel odor.

More Portland Businesses Are Using R99

Operational Efficiency and Driver Satisfaction at Titan Freight Systems:

Jason Altamirano, COO & VP of Titan Freight Systems, began exploring renewable diesel in 2019 due to rising dissatisfaction with traditional fuels. The switch aligned with their sustainability goals and led to unexpected operational benefits. “Initially, our focus was purely on sustainability,” Jason notes. “But soon we observed a drastic reduction in maintenance needs. Vehicles running on R99 required fewer oil changes, which significantly lowered our operational costs. Additionally, the elimination of the diesel smell was an unexpected yet highly appreciated change that greatly enhanced our drivers’ working conditions.”

Cost-Effectiveness and Compatibility at United Shippers:

For United Shippers, switching to R99 in 2022 was a strategic move to boost operational efficiency. Alex Sax, Operations Manager for the West Coast, shares that on-site fueling with R99 transformed their logistics operations. “Initially, the switch was about cost savings,” he admits. “But the benefits extended far beyond. Without DEF system issues, we are saving a substantial amount of time and money on repairs, services, and sensors.”

Get Renewable Diesel and Great Service from Christensen

Advocates for R99, we power our own Portland delivery fleet with renewable diesel. Experiencing these benefits firsthand has deepened our commitment to delivering high-quality fuel that does not sacrifice performance.

There are no adoption challenges with renewable diesel. R99 is a seamless, drop-in fuel that requires no additional investments in infrastructure or engine modifications. Our R99 products meet ASTM standards, ensuring full compatibility with existing diesel engines. Providing fueling solutions for decades, we are serious about quality service and safety for all.

How to Get R99 with Christensen

Christensen provides renewable diesel in Oregon and Washington:

Bulk Deliveries: Fuel delivered to your bulk tank, complete with tank monitoring, customer portal access, usage reports, fuel tracking, and more.

Auto-Fill Service: Set it and forget it. For a constant supply to keep your operation moving, our dispatch team will send a delivery your way each time you hit your desired tank minimum.

On-Site Fueling: Let us fuel your fleet while your crew sleeps. Our fleet fueling, or wet-hosing service, fills each vehicle directly, allowing your crew to start work immediately each day.

Cardlock: Access R99 at our wholesale fueling located at 6874 N.E. 42nd Ave, Portland, OR.

“Christensen’s proactive customer service and competitive pricing were pivotal in our decision to continue with them for RD fueling.” – Jason Altamirano, COO & VP of Titan Freight Systems

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