How Can Christensen’s Site Assessment Program Benefit My Business?

  • Post published:March 16, 2021

How Can Christensen's Site Assessment Program Benefit My Business?

Christensen USA is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their operations, providing a variety of fuel solutions tailored to their needs. Our Site Assessment Program is one solution that can greatly help your lubrication program and equipment reliability. It does so by providing the on-site technical expertise of Christensen technical advisors who will go through your facilities, examine your processes and determine if there are areas of improvement while offering solutions to level-up the lubrication and maintenance practices of your equipment and vehicles. 


What Christensen Site Assessment Can Do For Your Business

With a survey by a Christensen technical advisor, your business gets a consultation from an industry expert who will highlight opportunities for improvement, and your reliability team will receive one-on-one lubricants training as the industry expert inspects the facility. With this, your lubrication program receives rapid feedback from an expert who is thoroughly inspecting your facilities and examining your procedures.


The benefits include knowing that the right lubricant is being used for each application, identifying best practices or what your organization is getting right, noting improvement opportunities, and leveraging the potential to improve component life and equipment reliability. These also have the potential to reduce maintenance costs. 


Your Christensen technical advisor is an industry expert who will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your lubrication program. After this, they will present an equipment and lubricant application review. With this, your team and the Christensen industry expert will identify possible KPI improvement projects that can be implemented in the future. Upon implementation of the projects, the value of each optimization is recorded to quantify the effectiveness and provide a baseline for any future endeavors. 



How the Christensen Site Assessment Program Unfolds

Christensen’s lubricants services include site assessments conducted by technical advisors who can support companies by:


  • Increasing equipment reliability

  • Improving lubrication and maintenance intervals

  • Extending component life

  • Reducing operating costs


As an institution Christensen has over 40 years of industry experience and leverages the latest technology, revolutionizing the way fuel, lubricants and propane are ordered, delivered and managed. This industry knowhow is what sets Christensen apart as a world-class propane, fuel, and lubricant supplier. At Christensen, our technical advisors offer a wellspring of extensive product and application knowledge that they use to help organizations gain an edge.


Christensen technical advisors provide support to help simplify maintenance programs, such as:


  • System checks

  • Bulk tank inspections

  • Lubrication program management

  • Finding cost saving opportunities

  • Ongoing project support


How the Site Assessment Goes

Christensen Site Assessment process has the following steps:


Before Assessment

Christensen Technical Advisor readies the necessary requirements such as:

  • Proper on-site PPE

  • Site training materials

  • Approval to take photos

  • Communicate with required key personnel

  • Information on lubricants currently in use


During Assessment

Initiate with kick-off meeting in order for the Christensen technical advisor to gain awareness of organization’s processes such as:

  • Lubrication program

  • Potential areas of improvement


Afterwards the assessment continues with a thorough walkthrough of the facility. During this time the Christensen technical advisor will take notes, pictures and documentation as necessary to make the subsequent Site Assessment Report as comprehensive and objective as possible.


After Assessment

In the follow-up meeting the Christensen technical advisor will provide the Site Assessment Report that details the following:

  • Observations

  • Recommendations

  • Value improvement projects


The categories of these projects include:

  • Storage and Handling

  • Contamination Control

  • Lubricant Application

  • Oil Condition Monitoring

  • Training

  • Equipment Optimization

  • Standard Procedures

  • Project Planning and Review


Christensen technical advisors will provide ongoing communication, project management and collaboration in order to execute all approved projects and ultimately meet the organization’s goals in a way that is quantifiable and repeatable or sustainable. With this, the improvements will be lasting and can be fully disseminated throughout the organization and the workforce. 



With Christensen’s expert assistance, businesses will be better able to identify areas of improvement in their processes and thus boost their efficiency, productivity and leverage potential cost savings. 


This is all part of our philosophy of Winning Together, adding profits to our customers’ bottom lines with our synergy of cutting-edge, high-tech solutions and long time experience in the fuel and lubricant industries. Considering improving your lubrication and maintenance practices? Interested in our Site Assessment Program or other fuel and lubricant solutions? Reach out to Christensen today.


Christensen’s fuel solutions are aimed to keep our clients’ businesses moving like well-oiled machines. We are a reliable, proactive partner you can count on to help keep your equipment – and your organization – running smoothly day in and day out. Whether you operate a food processing plant, quick lube, paper mill, vehicle fleet, or family farm, our team of experts are uniquely qualified to meet your lubricant needs.