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Christensen Supports Washington’s Agriculture Community with Cap-and-Invest Exemptions

  • Post published:February 5, 2023

Washington State’s agriculture industry is thriving, ranking among the top ten in the nation for its diverse and productive agriculture sector. As a proud partner to this robust community, Christensen is excited to announce that we are processing exemption options for the Washington Cap-and-Invest fees for our agriculture customers who purchase propane and fuel. We understand the importance of supporting the industry’s growth while balancing environmental concerns.


The Climate Commitment Act (CCA) was implemented at the start of 2023 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State. As part of this initiative, a cap-and-invest program was introduced, requiring businesses to pay for allowances to cover their carbon emissions on fuel and propane. This has been reflected in customer invoices.


Propane and fuel play a crucial role in the agriculture industry, powering essential equipment and providing heat for various applications, such as crop drying and greenhouse heating. By offering Cap-and-Invest exemptions, Christensen aims to ease the financial burden on farmers and help them continue to operate efficiently and sustainably.


To qualify for the exemption, customers must:

  1. Complete and sign the exemption certificate provided by the Washington Department of Ecology.
  2. Upon completion, customers will no longer be charged the Cap-and-Invest fee on their invoices.
  3. Additionally, customers will need to sign a certificate at the end of the year to summarize the total exempt gallons of propane and fuel purchased during the calendar year 2023.

To learn more about how Christensen can help you get an exemption form, reach out to Micah Zumwalt, Director of Inside Sales at:

As a trusted partner to Washington’s agriculture community, Christensen is committed to supporting the industry’s growth and success. We are thrilled to be able to offer this exemption to our customers and work diligently to make this happen. For more information on the Climate Commitment Act, the cap-and-invest program, or the exemption process, please visit the following links:

Climate Commitment Act
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by Glenn Thomas, Christensen VP of Supply & Logistics