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Christensen Supports WA Agriculture Industry with Cap-and-Invest Fee Exemption

  • Post published:April 26, 2023

Richland, WA – Christensen, Inc., a leading distributor of fuels, lubricants, and propane in the western US, is proud to announce a tax exemption initiative for Washington’s agriculture customers, alleviating Cap-and-Invest fees on propane and fuel purchases. This distinctive offering exemplifies Christensen’s dedication to fostering the growth of the agriculture industry while balancing environmental concerns.

Implemented in early 2023, the Climate Commitment Act targets greenhouse gas emissions reduction in Washington State. The act includes a Cap-and-Invest program, mandating suppliers to purchase allowances for their carbon emissions on fuel and propane, with the costs passed on to consumers.

Christensen’s strong reputation with suppliers has led to the company being chosen as one of the select few distributors in the state offering Cap-and-Invest exemptions to all eligible agriculture customers purchasing propane or fuel for both transport and tank wagon loads. This exemption aims to alleviate financial pressures on farmers, enabling them to operate efficiently and sustainably.

“Propane and fuel are indispensable to the agriculture industry, powering vital equipment and supplying heat for diverse applications such as crop drying and greenhouse heating. We take pride in supporting Washington’s agriculture community and offering this exemption as a testament to our dedication to exceptional customer service and transparent pricing.” – Glenn Thomas, Vice President of Supply and Logistics

Christensen stands firmly behind the agriculture industry, recognizing its crucial role in our everyday lives. The sector is the nation’s economic backbone, providing food, fiber, and essential products. The unwavering commitment of farmers and ranchers ensures the availability of countless items we rely on daily.

Visit our blog for more information on the Cap-and-Invest program and details on how AG customers can qualify for this exemption. We are committed to helping our customers navigate the complexities of the program and take advantage of the benefits available to them.


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