Wind Turbine Lubricants and Forklift Fuel: Christensen’s Efficient and Energy Friendly Solutions

  • Post published:August 24, 2021

Wind Turbine Lubricants and Forklift Fuel: Christensen's Efficient and Energy Friendly Solutions

Christensen’s fuel and lubricant solutions allow businesses to become more efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. Our wind turbine lubricants and propane fuel for forklifts are among these services that help companies reduce their emissions, decrease downtime and improve the pace of their operations. 

Wind Turbines Need Lubricants Too!

You might not expect it, but Christensen also supplies essential lubricants to wind turbine operators. It’s not just trucks and factories, wind power farms are also reliant on our products and services. 

Proper lubrication is critical for wind turbine operations. With the right products and experts, downtime can be reduced significantly and the risks of failures or malfunctions are also decreased. 

The types of lubricants utilized by wind turbines include: 

– Gear oils

– Hydraulic oils 

– Greases

Christensen offers a wide range of lubricants designed to meet our partners reduce process and equipment ownership costs by providing:

– Enhanced protection

– Reduced lubricant consumption

– Improved efficiency

In short, wind turbine operators can see significant productivity increases due to investing in the right grease. Additionally, Christensen’s expert advisors can also help partners increase the efficiency of their facilities and provide training to their workforces. 

Christensen’s products and expertise combined can help our partners leverage new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the efficiency of their businesses. 

Propane Fuel for Forklifts in the Pacific Northwest

Companies conscious about their carbon footprint and efficient operations should consider using propane or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) for their forklifts to optimize operations while reducing emissions.

LPG forklifts have proven to be indispensable due to the advantages they provide. By using propane, forklifts operate much cleaner than diesel fuel and at 100% power throughout the day unlike electric forklifts. They balance the environment with efficiency! 

Additionally, LPG engines last twice the duration of gasoline engines, which reduces overall maintenance expenses.

Propane-powered forklifts offer safety and versatility as they can be operated indoors and outdoors without worry. LPG is a cleaner fuel compared to diesel, so workplaces will be healthier due to better air quality. LPG-powered forklifts can also be refuelled conveniently with less time required for maintenance and repair compared to diesel models.

Compared to electric forklifts, propane-powered forklifts do not lose power throughout the workday. A quick and easy cylinder change lets them resume operations quickly, they do not have to spend hours recharging nor are they dependent on stable grids. 

Interested in propane or LPG fuel for forklifts? Reach out to us, Christensen is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most reliable propane suppliers in the Pacific Northwest. 


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