Tips to Reduce Industrial Oil Overhead Costs

  • Post published:May 19, 2021

Tips to Reduce Industrial Oil Overhead Costs

Christensen’s fuel and lubricant solutions are designed to help your business optimize and streamline its processes to increase efficiency and decrease expenses. This includes reducing industrial oil overhead costs by helping your business fine-tune its workplace processes and logistics. Over the years, we have done this for many of our partners, cutting down inefficiencies, enhancing their operations, and helping them save on industrial oil expenses.

Needless to say, reducing overhead costs can be a major benefit for your business. Operations take up considerable resources and inefficiencies can prove quite pricey. Due to our successes, Christensen boasts considerable wealth of experience and know-how that, when combined with our state of the art fuel and lubricant technology, makes us even better equipped to help our partners.

So with that said, drawing from our experience, if you want to reduce industrial oil overhead costs, then you should consider the following tips:

Upgrade Your Storage Tank Refueling System
Ensuring efficient industrial oil and lubricant deliveries and refueling will help prevent any wastage, which contributes to total overhead expenses. Plus, having deliveries and refueling running with clockwork precision will have a positive benefit on other aspects of your business as well.

Precision fuel management ensures on time industrial oil and lubricant deliveries allowing Christensen to supply our customers with the right amount of fuel and lubricant to fit their needs. By ensuring efficient supply and usage, we reduce wasted oil and reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

We can provide automatic refills that ensure you always have enough industrial oil and lubricant on hand when you need it. Let us put together a customized plan that makes sense for your business. With Christensen’s help, you won’t have to worry about deliveries arriving on time.

Invest in Tank Monitoring
Supply chains for industrial oils and lubricants can be complex and at risk for inefficiencies. Delayed shipments can in turn interrupt your business’ operations. Knowing the status of oil and lubricant tanks as well as tracking deliveries helps you plan out operations accordingly and prevent unexpected disruptions.

With our experience, Christensen has the knowhow necessary to create innovative supply chain solutions that have been proven to work and create real, tangible value for our customers.

Real time monitoring of your oil and lubricant level ensures you don’t run out and operations aren’t interrupted. Tank monitoring services such as Christensen’s leverage the latest technology and allow you to track tank levels and deliveries via our app.

Decrease Expenses, Increase Profits with a Customized Plan
Considering which solution is best suited for your business? Christensen account managers can help you decide which options and solutions are best suited for the particulars of your business. Supplying hundreds of customers over the years, Christensen has accumulated considerable insights and expertise that can help businesses be more profitable, including reducing overhead costs. Our professional account managers are uniquely equipped to help our partners develop customized plans that make sense for them and their businesses. Why go for a generic one-size-fits-all approach when you can get a plan tailored to your needs?

Preventative Maintenance Beats Corrective Maintenance
The numbers don’t lie, maintenance issues can significantly and adversely affect businesses. To underscore the need for preventative maintenance, an international study by Edelman Intelligence revealed that:

  • 89% of maintenance staff have experienced breakdowns in the last three years.
  • 55% believed this was related to lubricant management.
  • 53% believe it was caused by the type of lubricant.

With this in mind, it’s essential to take a proactive approach towards the maintenance of your machinery and ensuring oil quality. Businesses should not wait until issues crop up, eat into their budget and slow down their operations (which will incur even more costs). The consequences of insufficient maintenance will build up over time and shorten the lifespan of company equipment. Mechanical issues will start recurring or worsening. And overall cost per mile will increase.

Christensen’s oil analysis program benefits businesses by addressing these issues at their root cause, examining the quality of the oil and lubricant being used. This is a crucial step in ensuring effective lubricant management and preventing breakdowns from occurring in the first place. Aside from implementing best practices to prevent failures, Christensen’s experienced technical advisors will also work with businesses in implementing solutions and protocols tailored to their specific requirements and conditions.

Ensure Efficient Workplace Practices with Site Assessments
Christensen’s site assessments can help gauge the quality of workplace oil and lubricant utilization procedures, serving as a baseline for improving them. With this, your business can reduce overhead costs, streamline operations and get better results.

These are performed by a Certified Lubrication Specialist or CLS, an expert who has been designated “Lubrication Engineer.” Our experts can come from diverse backgrounds. A Certified Lubrication Specialist’s core responsibilities include evaluating and selecting the right lubricants to use and their purchases. They conduct lubricant surveys, train lubricators and develop quality assurance and analysis programs.

With a Christensen site assessment, businesses can leverage the technical expertise of Christensen advisors who will go through their facilities, examine the processes and determine if there are areas of improvement while offering solutions and training to level-up the lubrication and maintenance practices for equipment and vehicles. By improving component life and equipment reliability, businesses can reduce maintenance and operations cost – as well as reduce their environmental footprint.

These are some of the proven ways your business can reduce industrial oil overhead expenses. Christensen’s experience providing lubricant solutions for customers attest to these methods. To streamline your business and enhance the efficiency of its operations, reach out to Christensen. Leverage our state of the art technological solutions, expert industrial oil and lubricant technical advisors, and wealth of experience. Take your business to a new level today!