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Christensen Creates a World-Class Value Creation System

  • Post published:April 30, 2022

It’s one thing to be “OK” at what you do, it’s entirely a different thing to be “world-class”. To be world-class means you set the pace for everyone else. The Christensen team is driven to create a world-class value creation system, capable of consistently delivering high levels of customer, team member and shareholder value. Christensen’s value creation system is built upon two core competencies – Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Optimization.

The fuels, lubricants and propane supply chains are complex and plagued by inefficiencies. However, these same supply chain challenges create opportunities for forward-thinking companies such as Christensen. Combining the best elements of a distributor, consultant and technology company, the Christensen team leverages deep customer relationships and technology to develop innovative, mutually beneficial supply chain solutions.

Christensen’s mobile phone app is a great example of the real, tangible value that can be created when a team is focused on mutual value creation. Working closely with several key customers, Christensen developed a user-friendly app that allows customers to view pricing, place orders, track deliveries, and monitor tank inventory levels all from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. The app has led to improved productivity and decreased operating expenses for both Christensen and its customers.

Following years of outsized investments in technology, Christensen’s operating systems have been intentionally built to support the company’s core competencies. The company’s customer relationship management system provides visibility into which customer segments are the best fit for Christensen’s innovative solutions. The system also guides the Christensen team in tailoring service levels and pricing based on the unique needs of each customer. The company’s operating systems provide real-time visibility into key performance metrics, which front-line management use to ensure the overall effectiveness of Christensen’s supply chain system.

One of the team’s most significant breakthroughs is a cutting-edge fuel logistics and pricing application. The application utilizes past, current and future pricing information as well as real-time fuel inventory levels, freight costs, and truck capacity to recommend the optimal delivery options for Christensen’s customers. With the automated system turning complex data into easy-to-follow recommendations, Christensen team members are freed up to spend more time collaborating with customers, monitoring real-time performance, and evaluating delivery options.

No longer tethered to old systems and paradigms, the Christensen team is defining what it means to be a world-class fuel, lubricants, and propane supplier. Visit to learn more about Christensen’s innovative solutions.