How Christensen’s Services can Help Your Business Operations

  • Post published:July 16, 2021

How Christensen's Services can Help Your Business Operations

Christensen can help both business owners and their organizations work smarter with an array of precision fuel management services. These combine state of the art technology with Christensen’s expertise as a leading fuel and lubricant company. Business owners can use these time-saving solutions to stay on top of their organizations better, freeing themselves from being bogged down by the nitty-gritty details so that they can focus on more strategically important matters. At the same time, Christensen can help the workforce finish their tasks faster and more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity. Here are the ways Christensen can help businesses streamline their operations: 

Save Time with Christensen’s Online Portal 

Christensen’s technological innovations provide flexible solutions for companies that require a lot of attention in different areas. Our online portal consolidates the management, monitoring and ordering of the products you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Our online portal is convenient and secure. It allows you to place an order, pay invoices, request deliveries, track the usage of fuel and lubricant through remote monitoring, look up account history, and so much more. Now that’s a real time saver! 

Let Our Account Managers Help You

Can’t track all your shipments, fuel stores, or deliveries? There’s a simple solution to this obstacle that seems to make its way into every business, and that solution is a few helping hands. But while the adage says “many hands make light work,” these helping hands have to be competent ones to greatly benefit your business.

The expertise and know-how of Christensen account managers can help you improve operations and take a hands free approach to managing aspects of your business. Christensen has helped manage and supply hundreds of customers over the years, giving us the insight and expertise to make your business more profitable. Our professional account managers work with you to develop a customized plan that makes sense for your business.

Efficient Storage Tank Refueling 

Christensen understands the importance of having the right fuel when and where you need it. We also understand the devastation of running out at crucial moments. If you store diesel or other fuel on-site, count on Christensen for prompt, efficient bulk delivery. We can provide remote monitoring and automatic refills that ensure you always have enough fuel on hand when you need it. Let us put together a customized plan that makes sense for your business. With Christensen’s help, you won’t have to worry about fuel and lubricant deliveries arriving on time. 

Remote Tank Monitoring via Christensen App

Knowing the status of fuel and lubricant tanks as well as tracking deliveries helps businesses plan their operations accordingly and prevent unexpected disruptions. Real time monitoring of fuel or lubricants ensures you never run out and operations are never interrupted.

Christensen’s Tank monitoring services leverage the latest technology and allow you to track tank levels and deliveries via our app from anywhere at any time. 


Christensen is dedicated to doing more for our customers. We value our deep customer relationships and are excited for a chance to work with you. 

Christensen’s high-performance products guarantee increased equipment life and longer product life. Contact Christensen, Inc. today to see what we can do for you. Visit us online or call us anytime.