Christensen’s Fuel Solutions Help Farmers and Family Businesses

  • Post published:April 21, 2021

Christensen's Fuel Solutions Help Farmers and Family Businesses

To prosper in these times, farming businesses must balance their tried and tested time-honored ways of doing things with modern and cutting edge solutions. Not just in the agricultural processes, but also when it comes to fuel solutions. Thankfully, Christensen is here to help them adapt to a changing world and overcome the unique challenges they face. So here is how Christensen’s fuel solutions can help farmers, and has been helping farmers for over 40 years.

Enhancing Agriculture Businesses
Christensen helps farmers in a variety of ways. We offer services that can meet clients’ specific needs and problems, and a wide range of solutions to help improve their business as a whole!

Christensen provides solutions in:

  • Time-saving
  • Sustainability
  • Cost management

Christensen’s clients can count on them for the right product, in the right place, at the right time. With state of the art tracking, monitoring, and automatic reminders and deliveries, Christensen provides more ways to help clients focus on their business while make sure they stay stocked.

Supply and Risk Management Assistance: Christensen has a deep well of knowledge and expertise to help clients develop customized purchasing strategies. With flexible pricing options including fixed future prices, our clients can count on Christensen for actionable market insights and error-free contract execution.

  • Christensen also offers:
  • Increased equipment life
  • Long product life
  • Lower fuel consumption

With a team of experts on hand 24/7, Christensen offers unparalleled service to customers and clients all over the pacific northwest. Tracking product levels, deliveries, and customer satisfaction are just a few things that set Christensen apart.

Providing Family Businesses With Needed Services
Christensen’s game-changing services are most helpful for family businesses. With these resources their capabilities are augmented while, at the same time, they can focus on what they do best. Christensen can handle the rest!

We are always delighted to hear that our customers are satisfied doing business with us. Family-owned farms like Schmitt Farms and Brulotte Farms have been with us for many years and we relish the opportunity to share our family-owned values with these multi-generational family-owned businesses.

Schmitt Farms has this to say:
“We’ve been doing business with Christensen for over 50 years, and you won’t find a better group of people to work with.”

And Brulotte Farms has the following kind words:
“Christensen understands how hectic harvest season can be and they are willing to make sure our needs are met!”

There is also R. Munn Farms, which has been a Christensen customer since 1980. Today their business has members of the third generation involved in the farm, where the Munns grow a variety of crops such as onions, grass seed, sugar, beets and more. The Munn family started working with the Christensen family shortly after starting to farm in Washington. Ever since then, Christensen has been their supplier of fuels, lubricants and propane. Today, R. Munn farms continues to enjoy this relationship with Christensen and looks forward to continuing the partnership for generations to come.

Wrap Up
The quality of Christensen’s services and products is undisputable. With these, farming businesses – including family-owned operations – will have their operations greatly augmented. Moreover, our clients attest to just how helpful Christensen’s fuel solutions have been.

Looking for a dedicated partner for your agricultural business, or family-owned business or farm? Feel free to reach out to Christensen.