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Built on over 80 years of industry experience and the latest technology, Christensen is revolutionizing the way fuels, lubricants, and propane are ordered, delivered, and managed. You can count on us to keep your equipment – and your business – running smoothly.


Christensen is one of the largest distributors of fuels, lubricants, and propane on the West Coast. Our team’s focus is to create real value for each of our over 10,000 Retail Fuel, Commercial, Industrial, and Fleet Card customers.

For privately owned gas stations we offer branded fuel services. We partner with 10 major oil companies, giving you the flexibility to choose the right brand for your location.


We provide bulk fuel delivery, on-site fueling, tank monitoring, emergency response solutions, fuel data management and so much more. Diesel, dyed diesel, gasoline when and where you need it


Never run out of propane again with our “Keep Full” propane program. We provide bulk propane, retail propane, and residential propane with loaned/purchased equipment options.


From automotive to food grade lubricants, for every environment and application. Christensen is your reliable lubricant supplier offering bulk and packaged good products.


The Christensen team is changing the way the game of business is played. With a focus on creating value for our customers, treating team members like owners, and creating a fun and rewarding team environment, Christensen has developed a winning business philosophy that we simply refer to as Winning Together.

There are many companies that offer fuels, lubricants and propane. Unlike those companies, we offer innovative and creative solutions combined with a genuine dedication to service that others cannot match. When you partner with Christensen, you’ll experience the spirit of Winning Together.


From Fortune 500 companies, to family-owned businesses, to governmental agencies, we supply fuels, lubricants and propane to organizations of all shapes and sizes.
Retail Fuels

Serving independent, gas stations and convenience stores fuel by offering complete branded programs, industry expertise, and time-saving technology to streamline your fuel supply.

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Providing products suited for heavy machinery, reliably supply, and excellent customer service to ensure a steady operation on your farm.

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Transport & Fleets

Offering fuel solutions to keep our communities moving, while providing tools that track fuel usage by transaction and consumption.

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Reliability Services

Hot oil filtering and flushing, tank cleaning, installation, repairs, equipment rental, manufactured items, preventative maintenance programs and more!

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Serving large and small construction companies by providing prompt, efficient bulk delivery to ensure your machines are up and running to complete the job on time while maximizing the life of your equipment.

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From aerospace and fabrication to waste management, we ensure you have the top-quality products to keep your business running smoothly.

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Serving the Automotive industry as a Shell DFQA distributor providing top-quality product and training to maximize your shop’s potential.

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Fleet Card

Providing fleet owners with nation-wide fueling access, wholesale pricing, flexible card controls, & easy monitoring & reporting.

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Our company founders instilled within our organization a belief that every team member is a member of the Christensen family. By focusing on treating others the way we want to be treated, our team builds enduring relationships with each other, our customers and our key partners. Through robust organic growth and acquisitions, we have built Christensen into a nationally recognized, award-winning industry leader.