Anthony B. Christensen, President & CEO | Christensen | Richland, WA

The Christensen team is changing the way the game of business is played. With a focus on creating value for our customers, treating team members like owners, and creating a fun and rewarding team environment, Christensen has developed a winning business philosophy that we simply refer to as Winning Together.

The key to Christensen’s unique business approach is our value delivery system that is intentionally designed to help our customers increase their profitability by increasing sales, reducing operating costs, and improving productivity.

There are many companies that offer fuels, lubricants and propane. Unlike those companies, we offer innovative and creative solutions combined with a genuine dedication to service that others cannot match. When you partner with Christensen, you’ll experience the spirit of Winning Together.

To our customers who have trusted Christensen to serve your fuel, lubricants and propane needs, I thank you for your business. To those of you who are searching for a truly outstanding organization to service your needs, I invite you to give us a try. Please give us a call today and let us show you how we can help add profit to your bottom line.

Thank You!

Anthony B. Christensen, President & CEO

The company’s leaders set the example

 by consistently demonstrating the company’s core values. They don’t compromise. They don’t make excuses. They own the company’s results and ensure that the team members put forth their best effort to help the company reach its goals.

Our leaders keep the company focused on our core businesses, which have been identified as having strong future growth potential.