• Post published:November 20, 2020

Fuel Polishing - Good for the Environment and the Engine

Christensen USA blog - Fuel Polishing

A clean engine is an efficient engine, and superior fuel consumption is not only good for business as it saves up on costs, but it is also good for the environment due to reduced emissions. Fuel polishing is an excellent way to maintain engines, increase their lifespan, and reduce operating costs. Fuel that has sat in a tank will accumulate water, dirt, bacteria, and fungus. These unwanted contaminants have the potential to damage fuel systems and cause engine failures. But with Christensen USA‘s fuel polishing service, the fuel can be saved and purified, and will not have to be replaced outright.

Increase Fuel Efficiency, Protect Your Equipment, Increase Reliability of Emergency Power Systems, Reduce Waste and Avoid Hassle

Did you know that fuel costs account for 40% of fleet overhead? Premium clean diesel is now a requirement for optimum engine performance as injector designs become more sophisticated. Thankfully, Christensen has teamed up with Hydrotex to offer premium clean diesel. With our fuel polishing service, you can reduce your #1 operating expense.

With the Christensen USA fuel polishing service, contaminated diesel can be restored, saving businesses the cost and hassle of emergency fuel replacement. It also has a positive environmental impact in that the old fuel will not have to be disposed of anymore. Moreover, the fuel polishing service is non-disruptive and, depending on the severity of contamination, the fuel will be usable even while we polish it.

Bringing Your Fuel Up to Required Safety Standards

Industry-standard diesel is not clean enough for your equipment. Every truckload of “on spec” diesel contains 1.5 pounds of dirt, which is unacceptable. The Christensen Solution is this: Donaldson fuel filtration that achieves a cleanliness standard that ensures long-term reliable injector operation. With this, tank inspections and corrections ensure the best storage practices.

Christensen USA fuel technicians will thoroughly examine the fuel before and after polishing to determine the quality of the product and to gauge how much the polishing process has improved it. These quality checks are vital in determining whether your fuel meets required quality standards, which will ensure your engine is running smoothly. Otherwise, sub-par fuel will lead to failures of fuel pumps and injectors as they get blocked by accumulated impurities. Your business deserves to have machinery running at optimum condition, and fuel analysis will help ensure that this is the case.

Fuel Polishing Benefits:

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance cost
  • Efficient and safe
  • Restore diesel to cleaner than new
  • Protects critical engine and generator components
  • Non-disruptive service
  • Keeps generators ready to run
  • Avoids wasteful fuel replacement
  • Reduces impact on the environment

The Fuel Replacement Process

As fuel sits unused, over time contaminants like water, bacteria, varnish, and sludge can accumulate in the storage tank and negatively affect the lifespan of the fuel. This can be fixed with fuel polishing, which prevents expensive fuel replacement and damage to equipment and engines due to impurities.

The process begins with checking the condition of the diesel fuel as one of our representatives will take samples from the tank. It will be sent to our lab and analyzed to determine the severity of the service required.

Afterward, the fuel polishing itself entails using advanced fuel filtration technology to remove water, sediment, and microbes and restores the fuel to a state that is better than new. Diesel fuel is subjected to high-temperature oxidation and degradation in storage and the common rail system. Christensen solves these by stabilizing the fuel, preventing rust and corrosion, and cleaning injectors using year-round treatment with Power Kleen and Power Kleen Arctic.

At this point, we perform another test to gauge the improvements on the fuel and document the results. All in all, this process eliminates costly unplanned downtime by removing dirt, water, and other contamination before the fuel ever touches your equipment. Moreover, Christensen offers our customers complimentary diesel fuel testing and measurement of contamination levels and stability – ensuring total fuel system reliability. With this, your fleet and equipment will be using premium diesel and operating optimally.

Need Fuel Polishing?

Does your business require fuel polishing? If so, reach out to Christensen USA. Our team of fuel polishing experts will ensure that your engines will run as clean as a whistle with clean diesel.