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Christensen’s Emergency Fuel Management Program: Your Power Solution

  • Post published:September 21, 2023

An aging power system, rising vandalism, and extreme weather contribute to frequent power outages. Critical organizations, such as healthcare facilities, municipalities, and data centers, can take control during these crises. Diesel generators remain reliable backup power sources, and Christensen’s Emergency Fuel Management (EFM) Program ensures your generator stays fueled, primed, and in top condition.

Outage Facts

Washington State ranks among the top five states with the highest power outages, mainly due to aging infrastructure, severe weather, and vandalism. Nearby states, Oregon and Idaho are not far from risk. Recent incidents include a 2021 heatwave causing widespread outages and six power station attacks in Washington and Oregon on Christmas day in 2022.

The Unknown Risks You May be Taking

Backup diesel generators are cost-effective, reliable, and fuel-efficient.

However, refueling your generator every winter is the bare minimum and a major risk. Without leak checks and fuel samples, you’re gambling with your operation’s lifeline, betting that the fuel inside has not experienced contamination (this includes rainwater) or degradation of fuel quality. These are a recipe for a nonworking generator or worse, impending damage.  

Calling for a generator fuel delivery in the event of an emergency is typically too late. As an emergency fuel distributor, when a crisis occurs, we’re already out delivering to everyone on our EFM priority list.

EFM Program Highlights

Christensen’s EFM Program ensures your backup power systems remain reliable, compliant, and ready to activate within seconds. Benefits include:

Bi-Annual Fuel Testing and Regular Tank Inspections. Prevent contamination from gunk, grime, and water, while ensuring fuel efficacy.

Cellular Monitors. We get instant alerts when your fuel levels are low.

Customer Portal. See your fuel levels in real-time, online, anytime, anywhere. No need to manually check with step stools and dipping sticks.

Readily available, high-quality fuel. With the most fuel supply contracts and terminal access in the Northwest, you will never be without fuel from Christensen. Our fuel additive keeps you within ASTM specifications and standards, and state and federal regulations for healthcare facilities.

Safe & Reliable. Let our drivers and technicians manage everything. We are highly trained to handle refueling, testing, and inspections, and we’re a company founded on safety.  

Gain Priority. In the event of an emergency, if your generator fuel levels are running low, we will know before you and likely be in route to refuel. Using our company’s award-winning technology and partnerships, we can maintain communication among our team to ensure you receive fuel, even when phone lines are down.  

Dedicated Care. As a Christensen customer, you will receive a direct phone number and email for your dedicated Account Manager who knows your business and needs.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

Our EFM Program for healthcare aids in compliance with NFPA 99/110, and meets or exceeds state, federal, and DSHS requirements. We provide all necessary documentation and resources for you to meet those needs.

Additional Resources

NFPA 110’s Fuel Requirements Emergency Preparedness

Don’t Wait for Bad Weather

Lock in the benefits of Christensen’s EFM program today. These services are not add-ons but are essential for confidence during crises.

You can also dial 855.931.1402 to consult a Christensen expert on joining our exclusive EFM program.

Count on Christensen

For over four decades, Christensen has served numerous critical-care facilities, offering high-quality products and solutions. We are the largest private distributor of fuel, lubricants, and propane in the Northwest, remaining a family-owned and safety-first company since 1980.

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