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Christensen’s Mission is to Help Independent Fuel Retailers Thrive

  • Post published:April 28, 2022

Christensen’s mission is simple: to help independent fuel retailers thrive. We provide our customers with time-saving solutions, increased fuel profitability, and increased in-store profitability.

Our user-friendly app allows our customers to view pricing, place orders, track deliveries, and monitor tank inventory levels all from their smartphones.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager with unbeatable industry knowledge, resources, and expertise, ensuring you have fuel when you need it, and at the best price available.

Our cutting-edge logistics and pricing tools utilize past, current, and future data along with real-time fuel inventory levels, market details, freight costs, and truck capacity to recommend optimal delivery options.

We are dedicated to increasing your fuel and in-store sales by driving fleet volume to your site. Customers participating in our fleet card program commonly experience fuel and in-store increases of fifteen percent or more.

The Christensen team is defining what it means to be a world-class fuel supplier. To learn more about how we can help save you time and increase your profitability, give us a call today.