Christensen, Inc. has established three distinctive Operating Divisions under the core business:


This division focuses on the sale and distribution of fuel (gas and diesel), lubricants and propane to a broad range of small, medium, and large commercial and industrial customers.

Christensen, Inc. acts as a distributor, sometimes referred to as “jobber” for Chevron, Shell, Phillips 66, Tesoro, and ExxonMobil. Today this operating division supplies fuel to over 200 retail fuel sites located primarily in Washington and Oregon.

Fleet Card

This division operates in a unique space that supports both its own customer value proposition while at the same time supporting Retail Fuels’ customer value proposition. Operating on a unique software platform (Trinium), this division provides small and medium sized fleet operators with fuel access cards, which provide access to fuel to large networks of both commercial card lock and retail fuel sites.

Common Carrier

Christensen operates its own fleet of bulk transport trucks, which support the bulk fuel and lubricant hauling needs of Christensen’s three core operating divisions. We refer to this division as “Common Carrier”. Many fuel companies outsource their larger tractor trailer fuel deliveries to third-party hauling companies. However, Christensen, Inc. sees the ability to manage the supply chain and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities as a core strategic advantage, and has proven the value of operating its proprietary fuel hauling fleet to our customers.


We sell more fuel to more convenience stores and truck stops in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, than any other distributor. Hundreds of retail fuel outlets trust their fuel supply to The Christensen Company.


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