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Christensen Commercial Delivery | Christensen | Richland, WA

Christensen lubricants

We keep your business moving like a well- oiled machine. Christensen is a reliable, proactive partner you can count on to help keep your equipment—and your business— running smoothly, today and tomorrow. Whether you operate a food processing plant, quick lube, paper mill, vehicle fleet, or family farm, our team of account managers and Certified Lubricants Specialists are uniquely qualified to meet your lubricants needs.


Engine oils
Hydraulic oils
Gear oils
Turbine oils
Transmission fluids
Compressor oils
Industrial oils
Food grade oils
Metalworking fluids

White oils
Chain oils
Transformer oils


Oil analysis
Remote bulk tank monitoring
Loan equipment programs
Site assessments
Total cost of ownership reduction strategies
Industrial services
Storage and handling assessments

Equipment sales


Our company founders instilled within our organization a belief that every team member is a member of the Christensen family. By focusing on treating others the way we want to be treated, our team builds enduring relationships with each other, our customers and our key partners. Through robust organic growth and acquisitions, we have built Christensen into a nationally recognized, award-winning industry leader.


The Christensen team is changing the way the game of business is played. With a focus on creating value for our customers, treating team members like owners, and creating a fun and rewarding team environment, Christensen has developed a winning business philosophy that we simply refer to as Winning Together.

There are many companies that offer fuels, lubricants and propane. Unlike those companies, we offer innovative and creative solutions combined with a genuine dedication to service that others cannot match. When you partner with Christensen, you’ll experience the spirit of Winning Together.

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