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Christensen Commercial Delivery Seattle WA Washington

Christensen Fuel

The supply chain for fuels can be complex with inefficiencies. However, these same supply chain complexities create opportunities for forward-thinking companies such as Christensen. Through leveraging the latest technology and insights gained from our deep customer relationships, Christensen is leading the industry in developing innovative supply chain solutions that create real, tangible value for its customers.

Fuel Products

On & off highway ultra-low sulfur diesel
Gasoline (all grades)
Biodiesel (all blends)
Diesel fuel additives
Racing Fuel
Heating oil
Renewable diesel
Jet Fuel
Aviation Fuel

Fuel Services

Onsite fueling
Loaned equipment programs
Precision fuel management
Fuel sampling & analysis
Remote tank monitoring
Fixed pricing options
Drone – Fuel sourcing, storing, packaging, & shipping preparation

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