• Post published:November 25, 2020

Christensen's Fuel Solutions Help Family Farms

Christensen is dedicated to helping our customers. We aim to do more for them and value our deep customer relationships with them. These include family farms, some of whom have been doing business with Christensen for decades, and we are grateful to have partnered with these businesses, helping them grow over the years. After all, Christensen is also a family-owned and operated business, we know having the right partners in business can make all the difference. You can rest assured that this agricultural fuel supplier has your back.

Farm Fuel Solutions

Need farm fuel deliveries? Christensen, Inc. is your go-to agricultural fuel supplier. You can count on us for the Right Product, at the Right Place and the Right Time!

For your deliveries, we’ll handle supply and risk management, with our expertise in helping you develop a customized purchasing strategy. Flexible pricing options, including fixed future prices, means you can count on Christensen for actionable market insights and error-free contract execution.

With Christensen’s help, you will keep your equipment running more effectively. If you store diesel or other fuel on-site, you can count on Christensen for prompt, efficient bulk delivery. We can provide remote monitoring and automatic refills that ensure you always have enough fuel on hand when you need it. Let us put together a customized plan that makes sense for your business.

Christensen fuel services include Tank Monitoring: our unique inventory management program allows you to easily track the location and fuel level for each of your tanks. Even better, we will monitor your tank levels and automate your orders and deliveries with guaranteed reliability.

With our high-performance products, you will reap the rewards of increased equipment life and longer product life.

Christensen prioritizes sustainability with its products. We put a priority on responsible and proactive practices. We strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste oil.

What Our Customers Say

We are always delighted to hear that our customers are satisfied with doing business with us. Family-owned farms like Schmitt Farms and Brulotte Farms have been with us for many years and we relish the opportunity to share our family-owned values with these multi-generational family-owned businesses!

Schmitt Farms: “We’ve been doing business with Christensen for over 50 years, and you won’t find a better group of people to work with.

Brulotte Farms: “Christensen understands how hectic harvest season can be and they are willing to make sure our needs are met!

Another incredible, family-owned operation is R. Munn Farms, which has been a Christensen customer since 1980. Today their business has members of the third generation involved in the farm, where the Munns grow a variety of crops such as onions, grass seed, sugar, beets, and more. The Munn family started working with the Christensen family shortly after starting to farm in Washington. Ever since then, Christensen has been their supplier of fuels, lubricants, and propane. Today, R. Munn farms continue to enjoy this relationship with Christensen and look forward to continuing the partnership for generations to come.

Family, Trust, and Growth Are Our Cornerstones

Christensen’s company founders instilled within the organization a belief that every team member is a member of the Christensen family. So by focusing on treating others the way we want to be treated, our team builds enduring relationships with each other, our customers, and our key partners. Through robust organic growth and acquisitions, we have built Christensen into a nationally recognized, award-winning industry leader.

That is why we stride towards the future, building it piece by piece, atop a firm foundation that is our recognition of the past. By honoring our origins, we are better able to navigate the present and ultimately drive towards our goals.

 Let’s Win Together

Christensen is dedicated to doing more for our customers. We value our deep customer relationships and we’re grateful to have been doing business with them for so long.

After all, we believe in winning together. Christensen’s purpose is to be a company where passion for life grows as a result of celebrating our successes and failures, and the journey this took, the discoveries made during the entire experience. This is how we bring out the best in each other. Unlike goals or strategies, Christensen’s purpose is not meant to be fulfilled or achieved – it is meant to be lived. It is a beacon guiding our team to a future that is brighter and better.

So let’s start winning together. Christensen’s high-performance products guarantee increased equipment life and longer product life. Contact Christensen, Inc. today to see what we can do for you. Visit us online or call us anytime.