Becoming a More Sustainable Business with Christensen’s Services

  • Post published:September 30, 2021

Becoming a More Sustainable Business with Christensen's Services

As an innovative company that strives to stay ahead of the curve, Christensen constantly offers new products, and develops services and solutions with sustainability in mind. These cutting edge solutions meet clients’ needs, improve their sustainability processes and reduce their footprint.


Reduce Waste with Efficient Fuel and Lubricant Deliveries


Fuel management can be a full time job on it’s own; making sure that all machines have what they need to keep running smoothly, day and night, throughout the year. At Christensen our precision fuel management ensures on time fuel and lubricant deliveries allowing us to supply our customers with the right amount of fuel and lubricant they require. By ensuring efficient supply and usage, we help our partners reduce wasted oil and reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. 


Need Customized Plans for Your Business?


We take our lubricant deliveries and planning services to the next level. Christensen account managers can help you decide which options and solutions are best suited for the particulars of your business. Supplying hundreds of customers over the years, Christensen has accumulated considerable insights and expertise that can help businesses be more profitable, including reducing overhead costs. 


Our professional managers are uniquely equipped to help our partners develop customized plans that make sense for them and their businesses. Why go for a generic one-size-fits-all approach when you can get a plan tailored to your needs?


Investing in Tank Monitoring Reduces Wasted Fuel


Supply chains for industrial oils and lubricants can be complex and at risk for inefficiencies. Delayed shipments can in turn interrupt your business’ operations. Knowing the status of oil and lubricant tanks as well as tracking deliveries helps you plan out operations accordingly and prevent unexpected disruptions. 


Real time monitoring of your oil and lubricant level ensures you don’t run out and operations aren’t interrupted. Tank monitoring services such as Christensen’s leverage the latest technology and allow you to track tank levels and deliveries via our app.


Reducing waste is not only good for businesses’ bottomline, it is good for the environment as well. With our experience, Christensen has the knowhow necessary to create innovative supply chain solutions that have been proven to work and create real, tangible value for our customers.



Christensen is fully committed to providing sustainability solutions for our partners. Interested in fuel and lubricant solutions aimed at reducing emissions and waste? Contact Christensen today to see what we can do for you. Visit us online or call us anytime.