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Agriculture Businesses Obtain Cap & Invest Exemptions with Christensen

  • Post published:September 20, 2023

Washington’s thriving agriculture sector has a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of the state’s Cap & Invest program. Christensen is the ONLY distributor that offers immediate exemptions AND retroactive fee credits, starting from the beginning of 2023—no matter who your original fuel or propane supplier was.

Understanding the Climate Commitment Act (CCA)

Enacted in 2023, the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) launched a Cap-and-Invest program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Washington. This legislation mandated businesses to buy allowances for their carbon emissions, notably those originating from fuel and propane, leading to increased operational costs for many.

Learn More from the Dept. of Ecology – FAQ Page

Christensen: Helping You Save on Cap & Invest Fees

At Christensen, we’re all about making things easier for you. If you’re in the agriculture business, we can help you save on Cap-and-Invest fees in two simple ways:

1. Instant Savings: Just let us know that you’re using fuel or propane for agricultural use, and we’ll remove the Cap-and-Invest fees from your current bill. It’s that easy.

2. Past Purchase Credits: Already paid Cap & Invest fees this year? No worries. We’ll give you credit for those, no matter where you bought your fuel. This even includes fuel-ups at any card lock locations for ag tasks.

A Hassle-Free Exemption Process: Here’s how to get started

For Existing Customers: Just sign our attestation form to confirm your purchases for qualified exempt activities, and we’ll stop collecting Cap & Invest fees.

For New Customers: Provide proof of your past payments to a previous distributor, and we’ll credit your future orders accordingly.

Whether you’re already a Christensen customer or thinking about becoming one, we’re here to help you save.

Making Waves in the Media

Our proactive strategy has not only caught the media’s eye but also emphasizes our unwavering commitment to you.

“Fuel and propane are the lifeblood of agriculture, powering crucial machinery and heating systems. Christensen is committed to easing the financial burden on farmers, enabling them to operate both efficiently and sustainably.” – Glenn Thomas, VP of Supply and Logistics

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